Cardano is the world’s first third-generation blockchain. IOHK’s engineers have applied rigorous academic research from our network of partners and blockchain technology labs to improve on Bitcoin and Ethereum technology. Smart contracts can run in Cardano’s secure environment to meet the demands of regulators. To give our global community of developers confidence in the applications they are coding, our engineers have created the Cardano testnet.

The testnet is based on the next version of Cardano for release, so developers can explore new features before they are deployed on the mainnet. This is part of Byron, our bootstrap phase for making improvements to the code base. Using the testnet benefits both IOHK’s engineers and third-party developers. You can test your new products at no risk and with no cost; any bugs won’t cause you to lose real money. We get feedback - and we want to hear about any problems you have, or improvements you would like us to make in future.

These pages show how to use the Cardano testnet. You can experiment with smart contracts and check your code for any flaws with test tokens rather than real ada. You can prove your code will run as it should before its release to the mainnet. Most importantly for us, send us your feedback using the support button at the bottom of the screen.

Last updated: May 1, 2020 08:00 UTC