Testnet introduction

The Incentivized Testnet marks the third and last key phase of our Shelley testnet roll out program. We will soon reach the point where the Cardano community can start testing stake delegation, operate stake pools, and earn real rewards for their participation. We encourage those community members with the technical skills to operate stake pools to try setting them up, and for all community members to try out delegating their ada stake to pools. To learn more about the process of delegating your stake, visit the Incentivized Testnet website.

We hope the community will practice various stake delegation scenarios and test both our delegation and incentives processes to make them robust enough for open experimentation and adoption. This community-driven feedback is invaluable and will ensure that we can make improvements along the path to a fully decentralized blockchain.

We are currently delivering two different types of release; our beta releases (currently Jörmungandr 0.7.0), and our nightly releases. We recommend that you always use the most recent nightly release as published on our nightly releases page. The reason we are doing this is to provide continuity with our established code base while also giving our community the opportunity to connect to a more rapidly evolving code base which includes new features and changes as we develop a feature-rich network.

Our beta release testnet is balanced and well established and will allow us to monitor node behavior over time, thereby delivering continuity. If you are relatively new to this area, we recommend that you work with this more established code base.

On the other hand, our nightly release testnet is where we will regularly deploy and test new features as well as implement bug fixes and improvements. Therefore, if you choose to work with this code base please note that you will experience network outages and resets.

As each test network requires a specific genesis block hash and set of trusted peers please ensure that you are using the correct details.

Last updated: May 1, 2020 08:00 UTC