Other available testnets

Accessing the IELE Faucet

The faucet provides test tokens so you can run smart contracts on the IELE testnet.

By using the faucet, you can request test tokens. These are supplied automatically.

Note: Please do not try to use real cryptocurrency on the testnets. You should take care to ensure that you only use test tokens when running your smart contracts, and these are obtained through the faucet. Instructions on how to receive test tokens are below.

There are four ways to get test tokens from the faucet:

  1. Through Remix (web-based IDE).
  2. Through Mallet (command line wallet).
  3. Using the faucet website.
  4. Through an HTTP request (command line with curl).

Let’s go into each in detail.

Last updated: May 1, 2020 08:00 UTC