Shelley testnet introduction

The rollout of the Shelley testnet will involve a series of controlled phases.

Three phases

The testnets will be delivered in three phases, the first of which is a small, invitation-only beta involving a Shelley-only test network.

The second phase of the testnet will be public and will include stake pool configuration and operation on a Shelley-only network, as well as testing of the wallet backend, explorer, and dashboard.

The final phase of the testnet will be the most complex, including everything from the first two phases, plus stake delegation on a hybrid Byron/Shelley network designed to replicate the network conditions of the Cardano mainnet during the transition to Shelley.

The Shelley testnet is designed to prove new Shelley technologies in a controlled environment, and the experience, data, and feedback gathered from all three phases will contribute directly to the mainnet release of Shelley.

Getting involved

To maximize the value of this testnet, all you have to do is get involved. Running a node, delegating stake, or setting up and maintaining a stake pool - all of these activities will test the network and add to the quality of the final Shelley implementation. Most importantly, whatever your experience with the testnet, we want your feedback. Let us know about bugs, usability issues, and potential improvements by raising an issue in the Cardano node GitHub repository.

This community-driven feedback is invaluable and will ensure that the mainnet Shelley era is the best it can be. We will also be highlighting the best community-created resources and information about the testnet on our community content page.

Last updated: May 1, 2020 08:00 UTC