Running a node using an AWS instance

If you don't have access to a Linux system, you can run the node on a virtual machine using an Amazon Web Services (AWS) instance.

  1. Sign up for a free AWS account, if you don't have one already. Log in as a root user.
  2. Go to the AWS Management Console.
  3. Expand the All Services section, and select EC2 to open the EC2 Dashboard.
  4. In the Resources section, select Volumes.
  5. Click Create Volume and assign the newly created volume a Size of at least 24. This will ensure you have enough memory to successfully run a Cardano node on your AWS instance.
  6. Return to the main EC2 Dashboard and click Launch Instance.
  7. When asked to choose an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), select the 64-bit (x86) version of the Amazon Linux 2 AMI (HVM), SSD Volume Type option.
  8. When asked to choose an Instance Type, choose t2.medium, then click the Review and Launch button. Continue by clicking Launch on the following screen.
  9. Follow the instructions provided by AWS to create a key pair for your AWS instance, or use an existing key pair if you have one.
  10. From the Instances screen, click the Connect button to connect to your new instance.
  11. When asked which connection method to use, select EC2 Instance Connect. Press the Connect button.
  12. To verify that you new Linux instance is successfully connected, type echo hello into the console and press the return key. This should print hello to the console.

You now have access to a virtual machine running a Linux system. Follow the instructions on the building a node from source page to build and run a Cardano node.

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